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Dow Goodfolk
Anchor Export Strong, Healthy Kids Brand Identity

One truth to rule them all.

Chasing thirteen markets among multiple cultures across the Pacific, Anchor had come adrift. It was driven by distributers and lacking unity or cohesion. Our solution? Rather than being customer driven, we became more customer focused. And as a result, we unearthed a single truth: across ethnic divides people understand that high quality dairy builds strong, healthy kids. And strong healthy children are universally recognised as the key to prosperity. We then worked with Fonterra to produce a multi-platform campaign – Anchor Strong – a simple, singular and compelling idea that stands out. Anchor now clearly stands for a healthy, thriving Pacific. It’s an inspiration that the brand shares with its customers and it’s helped Anchor become the number one dairy brand in the Pacific.
Anchor Export Strong trade poster Anchor Export Strong trade poster Anchor Export Strong typography graphic Anchor Export Strong truck design

“The Anchor Strong platform enabled us to connect with all Pacific Island cultures through one big relevant idea helping make it the number 1 dairy brand with revenue over $50m in the islands.”

— Mike Bones. General Manager, Fonterra Brands Export Division.


Results: TVNZ Marketing Award Winner — Export Category 2012.