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Taking care of business.

LA Law, Boston Legal, Suits - we have all fallen in love with the screen image of sharp dressed lawyers with even sharper tongues and business acumen, getting the business done with a ruthless winner-takes-all-mentality. Scratch that for the reality of the big four law firms in New Zealand, and wannabe big four, where it’s more corporate insurance than pools of sharp-witted sharks. Glass towers, hushed tones, grey carpets, a few wise men and women in blue suits, and lots of bright young things not long out of law school, let alone school, running around crossing i’s and dotting t’s. “A flat-white with that?” Not at Burton Partners. The partners who run the business, do the business. And getting the business done is what it’s all about. But the problem was the name (Burton & Co) and image (tall old fashioned sailing ships) were more old school London than Harvey Specter. Fast forward to a name change - Burton Partners, Corporate and Property Law – and a dynamic new graphical identity that can be moved, angled and reformed with other letters to communicate exactly what Burton Partners does. Because it’s what you do that counts in the world of Burton Partners, not what school you went to or how well you make a coffee. And now they have a dynamic new brand strategy that better reflects exactly who they are, they’re more ready than ever to take care of business.
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