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Time for a change.

The Cookie Time pack was looking somewhat stale. The job seemed pretty simple to us Let consumers see what makes Cookie Time great – natural ingredients, local batch-batching, and lots of real chocolate. We got world-renowned Italian illustrator Alessandra Sorrentino to help us update the iconic Cookie Muncher. This included turning the cookie into a smile and giving Cookie Muncher a youthful makeover – friendlier eyes, an extra spoonful of charm and a huge cookie-eating grin. We also created a bit of a manifesto for the brand. Rule 1. It’s all about the cookie. Rule 2. Cookie Muncher loves to share. Rule 3. Cookie Muncher sets the rules (including the look of typography). We also had a bit of a de-clutter – paring back unnecessary distractions. So the pack became all about the joy of eating cookies. Of course, we had to sample a fair selection of the client’s product. But in the interests of robust and thorough product research… who were we to refuse?
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“We chose Dow to handle the Cookie time brand refresh after a significant due diligence process that included having Dow refresh our Bumper Bar packaging.  The creative journey that Dow and our internal team shared was a wonderful challenge and we are thrilled with our new look!”

— Michael Mayell, Cookie Time Founder and Director