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Da'Maha Organic Blue Brand Identity

Hot coco.

Forget necessity. Coconuts are the real mothers of invention. Fashioned into bikinis, bowls, Foley artist horses’ hooves… Or a drink that’s been setting the world on fire of late. Inventive thinker Max Jones realised his organic market garden was sustainable in every way but financial. So he threw in the trowel and launched his coconut water – from Nelson! It’s the real deal, green-wise. Da’ Maha achieves the highest ethical and sustainable certification. Which is why it’s sold in cans (light and fully recyclable). The trick was to create a brand as imaginative as its creator. One that would work in the health food capital – California. We knew it had to look fresh and unexpected, to rise above a sea of earnest goodness. The logo’s swirling ocean and manaia (a half-bird, half-fish creature from Maori mythology) – are inspired by its Pacific home. So while coconuts can come from tropical climes the world over, Da’ Maha contains a healthy dose of New Zealand.
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“Coconut water isn’t anything new, so we needed to be special.  Branding is everything for a commodity product, that’s why I invested with Dow.  And it really paid off.”

— Max Jones. Founding Director, Da' Maha Organic.