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DB Export 33 Bottle Packaging

Striking Gold.

DB Export had lost its way. Despite a history peppered with major awards – it was considered a low rent brew, no longer relevant or appealing to the modern Kiwi male. With some red blooded customers going so far as to cast aspersions on its sexuality. It needed a manly makeover. Starting at the bottle. We redesigned the full range including DB Export Gold, low carb Export 33 and Export Dry. Export 33 got a masculine, authentic nudge, even with its low carb creds. A vertical design plays on the beer’s trim calorie count, and clever messaging lets drinkers know low carb doesn’t mean less ‘beer’. Special edition quart-sized DB Export ABC Bottles harked back to craft brewing techniques and heritage. The complete packaging redesign made the range feel like family again, reassuring customers new and old that these were some genuine craft beers here. Cheers to that, aye?
DB Breweries Graphic DB Export Waitemata brewery historic photograph

Results: Export 33 particularly benefited from the makeover, jumping from 4th place to market leader.  

“This is absolutely huge, fantastic news... Obviously, a huge amount of this success has come from brilliant packaging.”

— Dave Shoemack. Export Marketing Manager, DB Breweries