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Dow Goodfolk
Dole Pineaple for Packaging Design

Shining a light.

Dole’s slogan was ‘Every Day Shine’. But this light was definitely hidden under a bushel. Packaging wasn’t exactly standing out among the on-shelf competition, despite the fact that Dole has incredibly juicy and tasty fruit. The trick was showing how good the products are and design for Dole’s wide range of products. And to do this while adding a dash of personality and a sense of cohesion. The answer was giving the pack a personality to match the tropical brilliance of the product. It shows international design guidelines don't have to be a barrier to creating an innovative range of products that look good in any environment.
Love Dole graphic design Dole logo cropped graphic Dole Pineapple Packaging Design before

“Dow’s thought leadership in design positioning was just what we needed to refresh and modernise the brand image.  We know that when we push Dow, they will always deliver a great solution.”

— Angela Wong. Marketing and Product Development, Pave Consumer Brands Ltd.


Results: Dole is in Australian supermarkets with its 'Love Dole' range for the first time.