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Dow Goodfolk
Living Nature Plant for Packaging Design

Waking sleeping beauty.

Ethical and authentic, Living Nature was one of the earliest pioneers in all-natural creams for the face and body. But they were more sandal-wearing hippy than credible global beauty brand. Our job was to find the sleeping beauty beneath the homespun packaging. We knew that the new brand strategy couldn’t be some marketing spin because integrity was the very bedrock of this startup business. It required a lighter touch. Because simplicity is shorthand for purity, and it also signals sophistication. So we dialled up these qualities without losing its Kiwi, natural essence. Or its eco cred. Meeting the highest EU standards, the new packaging combines chalk and polypropylene, so it requires less energy and plastic to make. It’s also easily recycled – and designed ‘upside down’ to protect all that good stuff from contamination and air.
Living Nature product range packaging

“We briefed Dow Design to help us develop packaging that stood out in the hyper-competitive skincare market and they have certainly delivered.

Research completed in London shows they have hit the nail on the head in terms of cut-through and with creating the image Living Nature needed to portray.

The packaging has been a key part of opening many new retailers’ doors for us in Australia and internationally”

— John O’Toole, 
CEO, Living Nature


Results: Increased ranging & global distribution overnight