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Dow Goodfolk
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A little bit different, eh?

What do you do with an iconic icon? C’mon, how many beverages in New Zealand have over 100 years history? Not many. If any. So, the tactic was: Same, same, but different. Reformatting, not losing, the brand’s assets to create an identity where the lemon and the flavour mystery is central and key. After all, it is LEMON & Paeroa, not Melon & Paella, and yes the flavour is a bit of a mystery, but it is also definitively distinctive. And that kind of thinking leads to not so obvious limited editions and flavour experiments that push the boundaries…like ‘Sour Lemon’. It is what makes the iconic iconic - the ability to stand-out from the crowd, to not be afraid to express a personality, and yes to be a little bit different, and that’s something to celebrate not cringe from eh?
L&P lemon typography graphic