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Good is really not great.

McCoy was all good. The tall, elegant prisma packs had kept it real for McCoy for more than ten years. But this also raised a really tough question - do you change to stay ahead of the curve or keep it steady as she goes? Baby, bathwater & throw out, all come to mind. It’s all very well to talk revolution when a brand is broken, but what if it’s good? Here’s a tip - good is really not great. Good is not good enough today. Good is a handbrake on real growth. Retail shelves are littered with the good dying slow, painful deaths. Why? Because mainstream goods, like McCoy, are getting squeezed from the boutique and the value. For McCoy, this was not just juice, it was other more interesting drinks. While the rest of the supermarket had gone all MKR on us, the foodie revolution had bypassed the juice aisle. So instead of a fruitless cycle of cost cutting, the only real way out was through bold reinvention… to strive for great, to get hyper-real. For McCoy, this meant wrapping its arms around single fruits and getting all cosy with sophistication and realism. Imperfect, raw fruit and natural, messy juice, so that in a sea of processed good, McCoy is a beacon of great. It’s not easy, but if it were, everyone would be doing it, right?

McCoy 1L tetra juice packaging lineup

“The packs don’t just look stunning, they have captured the true essence of the brand, The Real McCoy, but in a progressive way that reflects deep insight around key food trends.  That’s a very difficult branding task to pull off so distinctively for a product as established as McCoy. We are absolutely delighted with the result”

—  Joel Reichardt, Senior Brand Manager for McCoy.