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Dow Goodfolk
Milmeq Design Element

Feeling all brand new.

Specialist refrigeration engineering firm Milmeq knew they weren’t backing themselves enough. So they asked Dow to help them shift their culture. A big ask for design, you might think? Once we’d figured out exactly what Milmeq did, we unearthed some great truths about them. We helped them move from a team of engineers focused on what they do, to thinking about who they are. Damn savvy innovators and inventors, that’s who. This was the baton they needed to run with. And run they did. Armed with a real sense of purpose, they rediscovered their enthusiasm and renewed their focus. We translated this focus into design elements that represent Milmeq’s agility and high standards. This beautiful design also surrounds the Milmeq team in their work environment – a constant visual reminder of what they stand for. And that’s something.
Milmeq Brand Identity Work Environment Milmeq book spread design Milmeq Brand Identity vehicle Milmeq Brand Identity workplace team meeting Milmeq Brand Identity trade show booth display

“The process brought our visual identity in line with our company offering, expressing the innovation at our heart.”

— Mathew Wall. Milmeq CEO.

Winner: Supreme Business Excellence Award, Westpac Auckland Business Awards, 2014.