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Dow Goodfolk
Dow Goodfolk
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Not just a pretty face.

The job was to build an international skincare brand based on a scientific breakthrough that unlocked the secrets of mitochondria cells. Developed by Nobel Prize winners, and 1,000x more powerful than any other antioxidant, the product itself was a dream. Skincare of serious substance. The challenge was in creating a brand that global customers would love and believe in. So to make sure everything was cohesive, we created it from scratch. From visual explanations of how mitochondria work, to modern beauty shots and the experience in store – it all worked together to meet a promise of youthful beauty and elegance. From day one MitoQ have invested in design at every level – from the product formula to sharing its incredible science with customers at every turn. We made a real investment in MitoQ too. One that’s built a global beauty brand from truly geeky credentials.
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“Dow provided more than design, They gave us valuable strategic input and insight to help us tell our story to the world.” 

— Ken Taylor, MitoQ