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Dow Goodfolk
My Main Course Knife & Fork Graphic

A blank slate.

That’s what we started with when our client came up with the idea to make flavourful sauces - with the meat included - and said they needed a new brand for it. Our thought: It’s a bit like the state of your brain at 4pm when you suddenly think: What the hey are we having for dinner anyway? What you DO know you want, is: Home cooking without having to be home all day cooking. Something different from last night without the difficult recipe and rigmarole. Your shopping list short and at your service. And the margin to make it yours if you feel like it. That’s why we put together a modular brand of many parts. Multiple inspiration front of pack. Shopping list on the back of the pack. Every meal do-able in a trusty 20. And that’s why we called it My Main Course. Napkins, knives and fork at the ready everybody.
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