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Fully caffeinated.

Cerebos had a dream. To make ‘the best damn coffee in the civilised world’. So we worked with them to create the coffee itself, based on what coffee lovers wanted. Just the best beans, grown at a global sweet spot of latitude, longitude and altitude. To those, we added attitude. We talked about the location and unique conditions that grow the best beans in the biz. Cerebos blended the beans and roasts to match customer tastes. This brown gold was poised to become a valuable commodity. But how to keep it fresher? Dow designed smaller 120g packs, so customers could enjoy every bean at its just-roasted best. For us, this project was about balancing style with substance: the world’s best damn coffee, made for connoisseurs, and strikingly packaged so they could see it on the shelf.
Orb Coffee world map graphic Orb logo overlay on mountain photography Orb Coffee brewing icons Orb Coffee bean packaging product range

Results: It’s a bit early to tell, but it is being sold in NZ’s biggest supermarket chains for the first time.