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Dow Goodfolk
Piako Creamy yoghurt packaging lid

Not just any old creamy.

From lost child in aisle five to a must have date for any yoghurt lover, helping Piako stand-up and be noticed was less about endless planning and more about the harsh reality of Tinder. In the bright shiny lights of the supermarket it was being a bit shy and coy. Hard to find on shelf, sales were reflecting this. Which was a pity, because the product delivers. One spoonful and you realise this isn’t just any old creamy yoghurt. It might not sound like strategy, but it is the only sound strategy, the customer’s experience – what else matters? So armed with this logic and with a tight loyal fan base, we knew we couldn’t give it the full Gok Wan make-over, but we did need to give it a more ‘look at me’ profile. Turning Piako from wallflower to belle of the ball, with substance. With market share gains in just three months without price promotion or any advertising support, it just goes to show successful brand (or personal) transformations always come from the inside out. Look for it next time you’re in the chiller aisle…you won’t miss it.
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