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The scoop.

Our job was to redesign a well loved ice cream brand without losing its heart. We knew that provenance, tradition and craft don’t have to be old fashioned. So we gave NZ’s oldest ice cream maker a modern rustic makeover. Inspired by the ‘fruit for sale’ signs of Hawke’s Bay orchards – where Rush Munro’s is still made – we centred on its truth. Ice cream made the traditional way. The product is still the same finely crafted, creamy goodness. But now it had a brand to match. For example, the redesigned rose logo’s entwined hearts reflect the ice cream makers’ care and attention to detail. In fact, it’s subtle details like this that make the solution every bit as delicious as the product.
Rush Munro's logo chalkboard graphic Rush Munro's hand painted sign photography Rush Munro's ice cream pottle stacked packaging Rush Munro's ice cream loyalty card Rush Munro's branded vehicle Rush Munro's sandwich board typography

Results: Biggest sales in their history since relaunch, and all of that during the middle of winter. Acceptance into both Foodstuffs South Island and Progressive Supermarkets after years of trying.

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