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Dow Goodfolk
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The fight for fencing.

To a farmer, a non-electrified electric fence is as useful as tits on a bull. Energizers are the units needed to power electric fences. Used across a wide range of terrain and weather, farmers need them to be flexible, tough as a one-dollar steak and top performers in any terrain and weather. Enter Speedrite – an energizer range that works anywhere, and built like a brick privy. Alas, its story of ‘red-blooded’ performance was being lost in a sea of generic shots of energizers, paddocks and fences. We realised that it’s not what an energizer looks like, it’s how it performs. So the trick was to connect red-blooded farmers with the product – beyond the traditional clichés. We told the story of the farmer – direct, matter-of-fact, and seriously tough. Like farmer, like energizer. Goes to show. Communicating a product in a meaningful way is always more useful than the proverbial.
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Results: Tru-Test, Supreme Award for International Business – 2013 NZTE/New Zealand International Business Awards