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Dow Goodfolk
Dow Goodfolk
Stafix Bull Brand Identity

Talking world-class bull.

Agriculture is a no nonsense world. To redesign Tru-Test’s electric fencing range, Stafix, the most obvious place to start is with product performance. Make the claims Big. Talk-up the power. Well, that’s exactly what didn’t happen. We know consumers and shoppers are not the same thing, so while the boys may use the product, we observed it was often women doing the buying. Talking about wattage over length made it difficult to know what to buy. So we switched the conversation from wattage to metres. We introduced emotion (but not too much), uniting the Stafix range with a powerful symbol, a bull. Not just any old bull either. His name was High Noon – a world-class stud to set farmers’ hearts aflutter.
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“Dow helped us to get to the heart of what was important about the Stafix brand for our customers. The new look elevated the status of the brand, creating brand cohesion, and inspiring a confidence that enabled Stafix to grow to its full global potential.”

— Teresa Steele-Rika. Group Marketing Manager, Tru-Test Group.


Results: Supreme Award for International Business.

— 2013 NZTE / New Zealand International Business Awards.