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The Sales Department Arrow Symbol Identity

We like big 'buts'.

The Sales Dept is a crack team of sales reps for suppliers to supermarkets who can’t afford their own. Their edge? Being the savvy, young, ambitious kids on the block. But, (and this was a big but) their industry was chock-full of established players. The Sales Dept had to be and look different. Just the sort of challenge we like here at Dow. All experienced salespeople in their own right, The Sales Dept understood their clients’ frustrations and opportunities. Our strategy was to show them as ‘doers’ – a natural extension of a supplier’s team, focused on less talk, more results. Hence the arrowhead – meaning growth, performance and progression. Our idea was to define the results and benefits for clients, rather than describe what the business did. We built a powerful brand around the simple idea of ‘getting things done’.
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“I found Dow’s disciplined and structured approach to the creative process resulted in a clearly articulated brand and execution.  We now stand out from the crowd.”

— Chris Wong, Director, The Sales Department.