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Dow Goodfolk
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Jumping on the brand wagon.

VTNZ knew their brand needed a tune up. We got involved with a new positioning strapline and printed collateral that works with their existing logo and iconic orange. It was all about using thoughtful design to humanise a brand that had felt too inspector-ish and more than a little 90’s government department. Our little orange vehicles are part of a new toolkit that helps clarify the many ways VTNZ can help New Zealanders keep their wagons rolling. We’d safely say the brand is now road ready.
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“We approached Dow with a challenging brief to retain our existing logo and recognisable orange, whilst moving VTNZ forward with a fresh, approachable look. This reflected our desire to shift perceptions of VTNZ from ‘testing’ to ‘helping’, which has always been at the heart of our business. Dow brought confidence and design expertise to the table, challenging us with their strategic thinking, and ultimately pushing us to create something greater than we’d hoped to achieve. They are known for creating beautiful design, but their strategic insight and dedication to delivering the best have made them our trusted brand partners, working with us to create the foundation for the brand to grow. Their design strengths are backed by strong client service, delivered in an approachable and professional manner. We love working with the Dow team and look forward to more of the same in the future.”

– Jessica Nikora, Marketing and Communication Manager VTNZ