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Dow Goodfolk
Dow Goodfolk
Wilsons Dart Photograph

Smartest brand in the room.

Wilson HTM Ltd, a 125 year old Australian investment institution, but more institutional than investment. However, Craigs Investment Partners and Deustche Bank could see the potential, putting their money where their investment heads were to buy the business. But rather than engaging us for the usual brand makeover, they wanted to reinvent the business from the inside out. A new name, a new identity and a whole new go-to-market strategy that reflected next generation investment banking in Australia. From the simple, one word name – WILSONS – to the contemporary, stripped back aesthetic of the identity, everything reflects Wilsons’ new progressive approach. Inspired by cuisenaire rods, which can be put together in myriad ways to build something with bigger meaning than the components; Wilsons’ challenger strategy was to be as flexible in delivering diverse outcomes per client. Not the biggest, nor the newest, but certainly the smartest guys in the room, now with an equally smart brand strategy.
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