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K Road Businesses Connect

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On a chilly winter evening in late July Auckland - in between our two lockdowns - forty-nine K Road business owners turned out to hear about brand identity.

September 03 2020

K road business owners: Next generation

My fellow speaker on the night - there to present the second spot on social media - was Jeff Kay of Easy Social Media. He quickly let me know that this was a very different crowd to most local business associations he speaks to - firstly by being a couple of letters further down the alphabet from X!

And they were also exactly the type of eclectic, non-traditionalist individuals you would expect to be habitués of K Rd. The difference being that these ones are the entrepreneurs rather than the party people.

I confess that, looking out into this audience of atypical business owners, I was wondering how the traditions of brand practice were going to wash with them. I was a little nervous.

Nodding heads!

Now that I know that the content of ‘Keeping brand-fit to keep your business healthy’ got such a good reception from these young and inventive business owners I feel even more confident in passing on to you some of what we talked about. 

First, why should I care about my branding?

The first section laid out a smidgen of the slew of empirical evidence for how a stronger brand creates more sales and less need to compete on price. Catnip to a business owners’ attention.

In your mind, what do you think your brand stands for?

Then we talked about the importance of knowing what you stand for. This is your foundation. If you don’t have it you are spending a lot of money promoting yourself without a story to tell.

Last, a WOF for self-testing your own brand health

Are you DIRTy? The series of questions in this acronym allows business owners to self-assess their brand health. Sweet, as they might say on K Rd.