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Celebrating our on-to-it office administrator, Kendra

Celebrating our on-to-it office administrator, Kendra image


August 22 2023

Let's hear about her life in design


So, you came to us from the fitness industry?
Do you see any commonalities between fitness people and brand design people? Or are they chalk and cheese?

Well the designers aren’t likely to dress in activewear for work so that’s a big change! The coffee machine still runs constantly but there’s less protein powder around, and there was more energy in the fitness setting but that comes with the loud thumping music and sweat.

And you have some interesting tertiary qualifications: From psychology to cinematography! Tell us a little bit about what attracted you to a job at Dow Goodfolk.

I felt this role was a perfect pairing between my production background and my interest in the human condition. I appreciate all forms of art and am fascinated by the power of communication, which is where the mind comes into play. Plus, my superpower is administration, which sealed the deal. 

We know that you cover a big set of responsibilities at the office. Tell us your 3 favourite parts of your job.

A task I look forward to each week is feeding the sixty-one koi in our pond. It’s calming taking a minute to stand outside in the sun and check on our fishy friends. Recently I’ve been photographing some products for our social media channels and I’m really enjoying being in the studio, managing composition, lighting, and problem solving in that space. Another of my favourite aspects in the role is when I dive into our finances and play investigator, reconciling receipts and preparing payments, I feel like a detective when I have to follow the clues to uncover the full story.

You have been working on Dow Goodfolk’s social posts. What are your views on social media?

Controversial … I think there are two sides to the social media coin. I see it as a positive opportunity for education, awareness, and connection, however there is a negative aspect which has the potential to be harmful. I’m all for online platforms being used as a tool in a productive way, but think users should proceed with caution. 

What are your best tips for keeping an office well-administered?

Never let the coffee beans run out! I recommend anticipating what will be required in advance to avoid a disastrous code red like I mentioned (it only happened once!). My top tips are to keep a list, use the calendar, and don’t underestimate the power of a spreadsheet.

And lastly, we hear that you are a bit of an ace rower? Are you still rowing?

Once upon a time I was awarded a few medals … but it’s an enormous, all-consuming commitment so these days I only jump on the erg in the gym to warm up before I hit the weights. These days I prefer to run with my dog Nova, hit the gym, and tramp through the bush for my endorphin highs. I still love a challenge though so I’m training for a couple of half-marathons.