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Cutts to the chase

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June 18 2019

Usually a fluffy piece of intro copy goes here but always efficient Sharron reckons we just get on with it.

You've moved up to Auckland from Palmerston North. Have you always lived there and what spurred the decision to move up?

I originally came from Wanganui and spent the majority of my working life in the Manawatu. I just felt like it was time for a change and I wanted to be closer to my children, so off to the Big Smoke I went.  Plus the traffic… always wanted to spend time waiting in traffic!

So what were you doing with yourself down there? Did you go up to the wind farm much?

My background has mostly been in the building industry and in interior design – hence building, moving and becoming an expert in packing. Palmy gets a bad rap but I always defend it – it’s a fantastic place to bring up children. Ha yes, we often visited the Wind Farm and yes it was very windy!

What attracted you to Dow Goodfolk and the world of design?

Dow Goodfolk was the first and only position I applied for.  With a background in design I was impressed by the work and attracted to the job description. Simple, stylish, a great reputation and a professional team.

There's quite a bit to look after here – what's been your biggest challenge in the role so far?

A new job always brings new challenges and I’m always up for that. A big one here is ensuring the goldfish are kept happy and healthy.

And as office manager, what is the weirdest thing you have been asked to do / seen so far at Dow Goodfolk?

I don’t know about the weirdest thing I have seen but I know for sure I embraced the coffee barista course and love my job here at Dow Goodfolk.