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Dow Cutting Room

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March 30 2021

It’s a combination of crude and controlled – but it’s crucial for conscientious brand design.

This is the space where we make mock-ups, test real-size shapes and readability, and generally cross the bridge between the hypothetical and the actual. It’s a place of razor-sharp scalpels, metal rulers, double-sided cellotape, spray booths and bad backs!

Sometimes the mock-ups are for our own peace of mind, or to help ideate solutions, sometimes they are requested by our clients for photoshoots , TVC’s or for trade approval.

Sometimes they help to solve the puzzle of an indecipherable dieline.

Here is Ben, our Head of Production, working on a scaled down mock-up of a Strahl wine glass box.

This is towards the end of a process that started with scaling down the dieline to fit on an A3 sheet – that can be printed on our Epsom printer, creating an Illustrator file, printing, then cutting, then scoring and creasing, and finally gluing the mock-up into its 3D form.

Correct? Check!