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When you venture through "The Doors That Spin On Their Own Axis" into the enchanting parameter of Dow Goodfolk, whom should appear from behind “The Great Desk” but the even greater co-ordinator, Natalie.

November 21 2018

You've been here for a wee while so this question is a bit late, I'm sorry, but what is your background? Where have you come from and why the move to a design agency?

I have over 11 years’ experience in business administration in a wide range of industries including property, architecture and private wealth. In 2016, I had recently graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and knew it was time to combine my love of all things creative with my business acumen. Open Sesame: Dow Goodfolk!

You did disappear for a while – where did you go and was it fun?

Such fun. I have been lucky enough to spend a year with my baby boy, he is 16 months old now and a hurricane of energy.

Hang on… weren't you in the newspaper? What was that about?

On weekends I am an artist and in the evenings I have a side hustle! I’m the founder of KidSet, a company that makes it easy for inexperienced crafters to give something new a go. KidSet sources natural materials – like wool and knitting needles – and creates easy-to-follow instructions, then we bundle them into designer craft kits for adults who want to create something unique for a baby.

As office manager/PA/event organiser/ring mistress for Dow Goodfolk you wear many hats. What do you get up to?

The scope of my role means every day at Dow Goodfolk is different.

I feel like the studio is my second home and as such spend a lot of time making sure we work in a comfortable and organised space.

I organise our Ladies, Wine and Design events, where women working in creative industries are invited to join us for wine, nibbles and casual conversations on a wide variety of topics related to creativity, business and life.

I also support Annie and Shakila with the day to day running of the business. I see the effort and focus they put into it; I love that we are all very passionate about the magic we do for our clients.

And what's the best part?

The people, I think we have a fantastic team and culture at Dow Goodfolk. They all help make it a pleasure to come to work.