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September 26 2018

Last week we had a passionate conversation about feminine stereotypes with three inspiring women: Christine Sharma (Managing Director, Ruby Apparel), Carolyn Haslett (Photographer and Makeup Artist) and Mercy Brewer (Model, Unique Model Management).

The Ladies Wine and Design Auckland conversation posed the questions: Has there been a shift in the perception of female beauty? And has this influenced the design aesthetic?

The consensus was there has definitely been positive change in the way female ‘beauty’ is portrayed. Older women, more ethnic diversity and non-sample-size models were given as examples.

‘Life doesn’t end at 26 years old’ – Mercy

However, a caution came with the optimism – if you or your brand are brave enough to challenge the old stereotypes you have to be prepared to be criticised, and often in very harsh and cruel ways. It was agreed that this kind of backlash undoubtedly puts a lot of people off tackling tired and out-of-date stereotypes  – which led to talk about resilience, and your vibe attracting your tribe!

With that in mind Christine shared a beautiful quote to wind up the night – that true feminine beauty is about character.

So we look forward to more character in feminine beauty and to its expression in design across the board.

We hope to see you for our last 2018 event on Wednesday 14th November: ‘Using Your Design Powers For Good. Can we meet business goals and still design with ethics?’