What we do for a crust. | Dow Goodfolk, brand strategy, identity, packaging and digital design agency
Dow Goodfolk
Dow Goodfolk
Baguette & Co logo on paper baguette bag

What we do for a crust.

Not all sandwiches are cut from the same loaf. Finding a great one is a matter for celebration. That’s where Baguette & Co. comes in. We were tasked with creating an identity and retail environment with a bit of artistry to it. But not too pretentious. The key was not falling into French clichés. So we made it relevant to Auckland, with a touch of European sophistication. No cheesy Franglais replica. The retail experience is everything: proper French bread and pastries, authentic flavours and a great cup of coffee. The brand mirrors the experience and the bakers’ craftsmanship, and shares the quality of Baguette & Co with hungry but discerning lunchers.
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