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Welcome, it is so nice to have you here. I am the Managing Director of the Dow Goodfolk Group.

I have such a passion for brand and design. My role most definitely is about telling the world the value of design to all businesses. If there’s one thing I have learnt over 25 years in this game it’s that your brand is one of the strongest assets on your balance sheet.

Outside of work you might well find me camera in hand. Capturing people in front of the camera is my favourite, it’s personal and it’s about making a connection. That’s also why I love being a business owner - creating work and great opportunities for people.

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Annie Dow

Managing Director

+64 9 303 9801

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Hi, I’m the Senior Digital Account Manager here at Dow Goodfolk.

A big part of my role is to help businesses understand how they can seamlessly translate who they are and what they do into a digital landscape, taking their story online in a way that’s easy for their customers to digest, engage and connect with.

What makes Dow Goodfolk special to me is the power of good design to distill that customer experience down to something that only takes seconds to interpret.

Outside the office you’ll usually find me with a camera in my hands, wrangling newborn babies into impossibly cute poses, or encouraging a newly married couple up a mountain, nearing dusk while it ‘rains…cough… lightly’ to capture that shot for their wedding album cover.

Trelawne Quinlivan

Senior Digital Account Manager

+64 9 970 7277

  • +64 9 303 9596
  • 7 Abbey Street
  • Auckland Central
  • Auckland 1010
  • New Zealand

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