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Big Wednesday Purple Ticket Identity

Making our own luck.

Previous design partners just couldn’t crack it. So, with sand slipping through the hourglass, Lotto NZ asked Dow to work with them to design the brand for their new mid-week draw. Part of this job entailed naming. We responded with ‘Big Wednesday’, driven by the simple insight that ‘If you won, that’d be a Big Wednesday’. The logo’s designed to reflect this promise: big, dazzling, pure spectacle. We drew on the idea that rather than just a $6 piece of paper, Big Wednesday is the anticipation of ‘winning big’. Big enough to never have to work again, and to fill the toy-box with shiny things. In a nutshell, where others had tried to invent an elaborate story, Dow found the product’s basic human truth, and illuminated it. Sounds simple. But simplifying the seemingly complicated is part of what we do.
Big Wednesday logo 3d render design Big Wednesday lottery dip ticket logo design

Results: Within 9 months increased sales by $1.5m per week & increased mid-week transactions by 74% for NZ Lotteries.

Big Wednesday generated 13m for Kiwi communities in its first year.

Fairfax New Zealand Supreme Award & Consumer Service Award winner at the NZ Marketing Awards.