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Dow Goodfolk
Dow Goodfolk
Green stripe

Refreshed look, refreshing taste

Everyone loves getting together for a relaxing drink with friends during the week… but we still want to be fit as a fiddle for that 8.30am meeting the next morning. We want taste, but not calories. Socialising, but not the headache. Moderation, but not boredom. And we want variety and interesting flavour to boot. A tall order, but Mac’s is all about coming up with solutions. They took their classic sparkling soda drink range; which was refreshing, but needed a bit of a refresh; and created four new ingeniously kiwi flavours. They took some of the sugar away, to make them a bit more grown up, so we could have a healthier drink - big on flavour but not on sugar. And they asked us to update the packaging to a fresh, vibrant look that highlighted the big, bold flavours inside. Bright stripes of colour now pack a punch and stand out a mile, so the only difficult thing is deciding which one to try first.
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