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Out of the wilderness.

We’re damn lucky. Not only do we get to live in an Antipodean paradise, but occasionally we get to promote it too. A couple of visionary entrepreneurs also saw the potential of said Eden. They were creating a range of supplements that sustainably harnessed this wilderness for all their ingredients, and asked us to help them take it to the world. We realised it wasn’t about skin-deep, New Zealand Instagram beauty, but the treasures of our country’s wild bounty. And thus, the name was born (by us). We rolled up our sleeves and got involved from the start. With the company’s vision, product range, stores and everything customer-related. Yes, we’re wild about Wild Bounty. But we’re equally over the moon with the success of this unique way of selling the best of New Zealand to the world.
Wild Bounty product range packaging Wild Bounty store front spatial design photography Wild Bounty range packaging

“Dow has delivered a design-driven solution that is fresh, unique and of international calibre. We knew we didn’t want to look like a cliché New Zealand product for sale at an airport. We came to Dow because we considered them New Zealand’s best brand design house.”

— Ben Cook, New Zealand Premium Health